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BPP Plans to Partake in Future Elections

It has been almost a week now since the electorate went to the polls around the country in the General Elections.  The participation of the Belize Progressive Party made history in Belize as it carried the amount of Standard Bearers vying for the thirty one seats to a record number of 90.  But despite their contribution to this part of Belize’s political history, the BPP had only managed to garner just over two thousand votes countrywide.  Paco Smith spoke of their party’s performance at the polls.


With regards to the results of the General Elections I will say on behalf of the BPP that we are pleasantly surprised yet we are not complacent. In as much that when you take into account that the BPP as a brand was launched just a little over a month ago I believe that the returns that we got in relation to over 2,000 plus votes cumulatively is relatively good. It says and signals to us that there are over 2,00 people that are willing to embrace something new and we also look at those individuals as our support base or soldiers because we didn’t pay anyone for their vote, unlike some other parties and the fact remains is that individuals did it on their own initiative in terms of casting the vote for the BPP.”


Smith added that while there are some who are saying that the votes given to the BPP were expressions of protest, he does disagree with that view.


I’ve seen individuals posting things with regards saying the votes that the BPP got were “protest votes”. Well to that I’d like to say very frankly and directly that of course the BPP does not subscribe to that train of thought because no one can definitively say that had the BPP not been in the race that individuals would have voted for one side or the other .We like to take a more proactive perspective as I described earlier and say that in fact those who voted for the BPP did it because they want to embrace the change. A protest would be more not voting any at all.”


As it relates to yesterday’s announcement of the Cabinet members, Smith dubbed it interesting.


That is a very involved exercise. I can simply say and this is my opinion that the Prime Minister because of our system of governance he has the final say with regards to what he does. I cannot speak for him nor can I say what was his rationale in some of the decisions he made but I will say that his choices are interesting and definitely we look forward to seeing how they pan out.”

With Village Council elections slated for 2016 and the next municipals due in 2017, Smith assured us that the BPP will continue moving forward.


Anyone out there who thought the BPP was just a fly by night kind of thing I am sorry to disappoint you. The BPP is going nowhere but forward. In terms of our commitment with regards to this entire process we are here to stay but moving forward. So therefore you can expect the BPP to contest any and every election that comes to fruition. In terms of the changing winds of politics in Belize the BPP is making end roads and there is more to come.”

The Belize Progressive Party is a merger of the People’s National Party, We the People Reform Movement and a part of the Vision Inspired by the People.  It is being led by Patrick Rogers with its Chairman being Paco Smith.  The BPP made their first political debut via their participation in last week’s General Elections.