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BPP Prepares for Countrywide Anti-Corruption Tour

The Belize Progressive Party held a press conference this morning to discuss current issues affecting Belize and the party’s launch of a country wide tour. According to the Chairman of the BPP, Paco Smith, the tour would be carried out later this month.


“As the only viable solution to the red and blue debacle that has plagued our nation for the last 35 years your Belize Progressive Party is prepared to spread our message to the people by way of a tour of the villages, commencing later this month. We are in the process of formalizing matters and it should span approximately three weeks. We intend to begin in the Toledo district, approximately around the 26th of September and as we put more meat to the matter we will definitely inform the press with regards to the particulars. But the fundamental reason behind the tour of the villages is to spread the word with regard to the BPP, what we stand for and what we plan to do in terms of solutions to the many problems that plague this nation.”

The BPP through the person of its Public Relations Director, Charles Leslie, shared statistics of an online poll conducted since the end of last month.

charles-leslieCHARLES LESLIE

“Currently as of this morning we had 990 participants and responses and with the results we collected at the foot of the national assembly and August 26th. The first question we have is, should any and all claims by Guatemala on Belize’s sovereign territory be submitted to the ICJ for final statement, the answer is no. Should Guatemalans be given citizenship ?  A resounding no. Should the LGBT portion of Section 53 of our criminal code remain the same the answer is yes, a marginal yes currently. Do you think LGBT is a lifestyle choice a resounding yes. The poll will be completed on September 20th so we are asking all Belizeans to please participate, it’s very short and this will show that the BPP is serious about participatory democracy, participating in this poll will not only help the BPP in the future to craft policies but this will be presented to the Prime Minister of Belize and it will also be presented to the BPP to show that the BPP are leading by getting information and having the people participate and not telling the people what to do or what we will do just because we had a mandate.”

Smith also shared the BPP’s support for a salary increase for teachers.


“Yet another hallmark of the Barrow administration is the unending flow of false promises. On that note the BPP takes this opportunity to reiterate our support for the teachers to receive their due salary increase. With the level of corruption that is rampant in government, if the Barrow administration is serious about curbing the corruption they could but in keeping par for the course instead they expect the teachers to bite the bullet so to speak and have their hard earned salary increase remain a state of suspended animation. So to the teachers we want to let you know that the BPP supports you.”