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BPP Says Cabinet Amendments are Only Cosmetic Changes

William Mason seems to have started an avalanche that slowly gathered momentum and has today placed several persons in the spotlight particularly so, the former Minister of National Security, John Saldivar.  The avalanche did gather enough strength to prompt the Prime Minister to do some adjustments to Saldivar’s portfolio.  Prime Minister’s move, however, did not come without criticism. The Belize Progressive Party sent out a release saying that they have viewed the Cabinet changes with great contempt.  The document states, quote, “Although not unforeseen, it is an affront to the people of this nation, for amid the ever-increasing levels of crime, criminality, and all-out corruption at the highest levels of government, its Head, the PM, remains dogged in his insistence to provide only cosmetic changes to what is an out of control matter of epic proportions.  The Belize Progressive Party highlights the fact that following his third consecutive victory at the polls, this past November, the PM still refuses to do the right thing and sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC).  The problems which plague our nation derive from the institutionalised, systemic corruption that is encouraged, facilitated and enjoyed by the PUPD. That is why his band-aid approach of shuffling ministries among his inner circle, instead of taking definitive steps, by sacking those whose integrity have been called into question, comes as no surprise.  In keeping par for the course of the tyrannical situation his mismanagement has caused, the PM is banking on Belizeans to blindly accept any and everything the government says, without question.  The abject failure of the Barrow administration and the equally lacklustre embodiment of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the PUP, amid these perilous times, is testimony to the symbiotic relationship the two sides of the political non-divide have shared during the past 34+ years, in what has proven the bane and retardation of Belize’s progressive development.  Given the dire situation involving: citizen security, the instability of our economy, neglect of the productive sector, rising poverty, financial distress, the out of control foreign debt obligations, and the ongoing existential threat to our territorial integrity posed by Guatemala, your Belize Progressive Party calls on Belizeans and true friends of Belize, both at home and abroad, to express your displeasure with the PM’s failure to act accordingly.  To this end your Belize Progressive Party, the BPP, demands that the Prime Minister signs the UN Convention against Corruption immediately, and set-up the autonomous investigative body for corruption cases, which is expected under the convention; that he Immediately appoint an Integrity Commission and demand all elected persons disclose their finances retroactive from the time they were elected to office, in accordance with the Prevention of Corruption Act, and institute with urgency an independent investigation into the heinous murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas.”  End of quote.  The Cabinet adjustments see Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage being given added responsibilities for the Ministry of Natural Resources while Minister Godwin Hulse will take on the Belize Police Department while retaining Immigration and Nationality.  Saldivar remains with responsibility for Belize Defense Force and Belize Coast Guard.