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BPP says don’t Count them out of Municipal Election

The Belize Progressive Party is working to win the votes for the upcoming municipal elections. Three months from now, Belizeans will elect who will lead as mayors and councilors. Generally, third parties have been unsuccessful in swaying majority of voters to vote for anything other than the two major political parties. But, BPP Leader Patrick Rogers says that his party will not give up.

Patrick Rogers – BPP Leader

“The fact of the matter is that we had hoped we would have gotten the reregistration done before the municipal election, it didn’t work out that way so that is why as the chairman said although we are approaching these elections under protest we had to factor in a number of things. Like for example that brother Will had already field full slates in PG two consecutive elections before this one- this will be the third attempt that PG will have an opportunity to vote for real change with the BPP slate down there and that is one to build the brand out there but that is also to give people an alternative to vote for on the ballot. So we are anticipating whenever people split their votes it might give the Mayor to the UDP and three of the councilors to UDP but the next three votes you might give to the BPP that is what we are asking for. We are appealing to citizens to give us the split votes because we will be the watchdogs on those council boards to make sure that there are transparency and accountability.”

In October PUP Deputy Party Leader Julius Espat told Love News that third-party candidates must be given an opportunity to form part of the government.