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BPP Says Government and Opposition On Bi-partisan Eeffort to Shove the ICJ Down Our Throats

The Belize Progressive Party continues to campaign against Belize going to the International Court of Justice. BPP says that the government is making the ICJ the only option when it is not. Chairman Paco Smith says it is solely because the government is not being transparent about the Belize-Guatemala issue.


“One of the things that we would like to do is also to inform the general public with regards to some of the initiatives that the BPP is involved with at this time. As you know the government and the opposition are on a bipartisan effort to shove the ICJ  option down our throats. The BPP we have proffered our alternative to the ICJ, if you’d like to find out more about it you could check out our website. Basically one of the things we are involved in is starting our nation wide campaign to sensitize John and Jane Q Public, the Belizean public with regards to the options that are out there and this ties into our philosophy of full disclosure. If you listen to the current narrative that is out there, that is being pushed by the powers that be they would lead you to believe that the ICJ is the only way to go and in fact not the truth and we say that categorically. It’s based on the premise that Belize received it’s independence through the authority of the United Nations and by virtue of several UN charters dating back from 1975 that solidified that Belize would remain with its territory intact with regards to the Guatemalan claim and that is one of the reasons why we believe it’s highly important that people are attuned to that because going the route of the UN Security council is an option but as things have played out due to the bipartisan effort of the powers that be we have to go through the referendum process but therein lies another issue. When you hear the Foreign Minister talk he talks as though going to the ICJ is already a done deal and we want to remind the Belizean people that to this date although the compromis that was signed in 2008 has gone through two different iterations it is still not a legal document in Belize because it has not been ratified by our Senate.”