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BPP Says Integrity Commission Is a Smokescreen

The Belize Progressive Party says it takes issue with comments made by the newly sworn in Chair of the Integrity Commission. The BPP says it is clear that the Integrity Commission is quote “a smokescreen by which to further perpetuate the intentional dysfunction that is fundamental to the PUDP system.” End of quote. The BPP goes on to say the initial statement of the Commission’s Chair that under Section nineteen, sub-section two of the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA), “…the Commission doesn’t fine persons for not meeting the deadline..”, is utterly reprehensible and, at best, disingenuous. The BPP says it takes serious issue with this position and it is most unfortunate, not only because it was aspired that the establishment of the Integrity Commission would prove a meaningful step in the path toward ensuring: transparency, accountability and openness in government, but also because from the onset, it has been made absolutely clear that the Integrity Commission is a farce and an affront to the people of this nation. The BPP ends its release by calling on the Integrity Commission to fulfill its mandate and to not function as a tool through which those culpable of breaking the law are summarily excused from their commitment to the people of Belize.