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BPP says no to the ICJ

The Belize Progressive Party also spoke on matters relating to the Belize Guatemala dispute. The BPP has long expressed its position on the matter and opposes taking the claim to the International Court of Justice. BPP Leader, Patrick Rogers, reiterated the party’s position on the ICJ referendum.


Patrick Rogers, Leader, BPP: Now we have been requesting our spot at the table since 2009, understanding that this agreement was signed December 8th 2008 so we have been offering alternatives to what this document have armstrong us to. The best alternative to Belize at this point is to understand. Since the poor judges, well am not going to say poor judges. Since the judges at the ICJ are hamstrung by this special agreement saying all  you need to do is one, determine any or all legal claims that Guatemala has against Belize. Two, if you find there are legal claims, determine how much rights Guatemala has in Belizean territory.  We were asking to be invited so we can contribute some alternatives to what was signed onto here. We were never given a break but I want to say this Belize, one of the point I wanted make is the fact that from 1974 the General’s that are in control of our neighbor have made a position that unless land seeded there will be no settlement to this dispute so how can you say we have negotiated in good faith, how can you say that we held arbitration in good faith when clearly there was no deal to be made since the General’s position of Land session having to be there. The best alternative for Belize at this point is for us to understand since the Judges at the ICJ are Armstrong by this special agreement saying that all you need to do is one determine any or all legal claims that Guatemala have against Belize. Two if you find there are legal claims determine how much rights Guatemala have in Belizean territory and three based on the rights that Guatemala have in the Belizean territory, where should the new line be drawn for our borders with Guatemala and Belize. Those are the only three things we are giving the ICJ the power to do. They have no power unless we would be stupid enough to vote yes in a referendum then they will have the power to determine if anything legal, how much rights and how much piece of our land Guatemala should get.


The referendum has been set for April 10, 2019.