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BPP Says Opposition (PUP) Is Being Hypocritical

Last week the People’s United Party issued a release demanding that a re-registration exercise be done as scheduled this July. Today the Belize Progressive Party issued a release in which it states the current call by the Opposition, is not only late, but also hypocritical since in 2007, the PUP, via Statutory Instrument #17 of 22nd November, with the bipartisan support of the then, Opposition UDP, passed a law to defer the re-registration process; thus postponing the legally mandated effort for five years, to 2012.   The release goes on to say, as for the UDP, via Statutory Instrument #12 of 27th July 2012, the process was once again, deferred until 2017. The BPP says it is calling on civil society and all social partners to join in demanding that the re-registration and re-districting exercises be conducted on time and in a transparent and efficient manner.