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BPP says the PUDP’s Monopoly of Elections is Counterproductive

The Village Council Elections were held in the different districts across the country and we saw the People’s United Party-aligned candidates taking up seats in several western communities. Up north, the People’s United Party claimed they have won up to seven councils. However, Leader of the Opposition, Moses “Shyne” Barrow stated via a post on social media that after the party has lost in almost all the villages in the general elections, it was a great victory to have regained most of the villages they had in 2019. He further stated that after only over one year since winning twenty-six seats in the House of Representatives and sixty-five out of the sixty-seven municipal seats, the message is clear that people are not happy with the Government of Belize based on the low voter turnout. Barrow further states that the party continues to work hard to convince the people that the UDP has always served their villages with their best interest in mind. On the other hand, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) says they’ve secured their victories in the villages of Double Head Cabbage, Hopkins and Silk Grass, villages the UDP have also claimed. The BPP, via press release, state that the party does not support the current two-political party monopoly holding the country stagnant. The BPP views P-UDP, the two mass parties, as “two-party monopoly” at the national level as divisive and counterproductive. It further stated that this “two-party monopoly” distributes its stranglehold formula to the villages as a recipe for further dominion and disaster.