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BPP support Maya communities

The Belize Progressive Party, BPP, joins the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcaldes Association in the condemnation of what they say are quote, “attempts to intimidate Maya people to support the government’s efforts to take the Guatemala claim for territory, to the ICJ,” end of quote. The BPP goes on to say that surveyors collecting personal information from residents in southern Belize are not only calculated but intimidating and deceptive. It adds that government’s denial of such actions by their workers is further proof of deception. We note however that CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pat Andrews personally told Love News that when the Ministry learned of the issue, workers were immediately asked to desist from continuing such data collection. He further apologized for their actions.  Meanwhile, in its release, the BPP also expressed support of the Maya Leaders’ request to the Prime Minister for inclusion into discussions on the subject, agreeing that the Maya communities would be among the first to be affected.