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BPP urges voters to re-register

In thirteen days the Elections and Boundaries Department will commence its mass re-registration exercise. Political parties including the Belize Progressive Party are urging all eligible voters to re-register in order to participate in the upcoming referendum and the next general elections. Yesterday, BPP Leader Patrick Rogers join in the call, reminding Belizeans about the importance of being a registered voter.

Paco Smith: What we would like to underscore to all Belizeans is the importance of getting involved and getting re registered, this is critical. The exercise that is going to commence in July next month is very important. If you are looking at the time line and my brothers here can correct me if I am wrong because I am not really too good with a calculations but it has been about two decades, almost two decades since this re registration process has been due so first and foremost Belizeans both at home and abroad so Belizeans in the Diaspora I know they have their interests as well in regards to voting and what have you. It is important that you take part in this critical exercise two reasons: #1 the voters list are terribly and horribly outdated and #2 we have the impending referendum that is coming up. Very important that we get these lists as accurate as possible and everyone knows unless you have been hiding somewhere in the dark corner that we have General Elections scheduled to come up within the next couple years and very likely it might be called beforehand but all the same it is important, it is critical, it is important to engage this process, do what you have to do to be re-registered because when you really go to think about it the voters list are the lifeblood within certain respects to our Democratic process.


A register of electors will be published after the exercise is complete. Anyone who has any sort of objections will be able to submit those within fourteen days.