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BPP wants international commission against corruption in government in Belize

During a press conference yesterday, Belize Progressive Party Leader Patrick Rogers expressed the party’s views on the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). The last we reported on UNCAC was when a workshop focused on the prevention of corruption in public procurement was held in Teakettle Village. The training was part of the Strengthening National Systems for UNCAC Implementation project. However, Rogers says that more needs to be done.

Patrick Rogers Leader of BPP: The institutions in the country needs to be assessed as to whether or not they are capable on their own without assistance without UN resources to be able to hold members of the Executive, our Government top brass employees accountable for their actions especially where it regards to corruption but the truth of the matter is that we could save our self a lot of time by accelerating the call for the International Commission against corruption in Government to be established here in Belize. Our things is that corruption is so in trench here in Belize City right now that we need the United Nations to hear the BPP call and make we figure out how we can get ICACG established here in Belize because none of our institutions have the capacity to bring a member of Cabinet in front of the Judiciary. The Commissioner of Police did not follow the Chief Justice advice, we keep making that point so who else will be able to commission these corrupt members of Cabinet to come and be charged. The Senate is appointed, appointed by you cannot jail and elected man and that’s why we want to say UNCAC bring in the International Commission against corruption in Government ASAP please.  


Belize became the 184th member to sign onto the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in December 2016.