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BPP will contest Municipal Elections under protest

BPP Leader Patrick Rogers says he did not want the party to contest the upcoming municipal elections. Rogers explained that he took that stance because the voter’s list was not clean up. The BPP has been calling for a re-registration. According to Rogers, the BPP is participating in the elections under protest.


“More than half the people registered in these constituencies do not reside at their Elections and Boundaries addresses on record so for someone like myself who utilizes the computer because for a little army to beat a big army you have to be with brains it can’t be with the number of resources. So manipulating the computer system we were able to generate letters that we sent to all the registered candidates in each division and wouldn’t you know that more than half those came back. So when you talk about canvassing to do a campaign you will find that it’s an exercise in futility because the elections cannot be fair, cannot be free if they are not fair; and given an alternative party that doesn’t have money to hand out on election day only a message to try and reach the people with before the election day, a list that is compromised is a waste of time. So although I was one of the proponents to not contest these elections I am not a dictator at the BPP, in fact, I don’t even get to vote at the Executive meetings – and my position was voted down and I’m glad it did because we need to build a brand. The BPP has only been in existence since October 1st, 2015. It doesn’t matter all the work these brothers and myself have put in before that day the fact of the matter is that we need to build a brand and so that was the rationale that won out when we decided to go ahead and contest these municipal elections albeit under protest because we did not get the re-registration exercise carried out.”

As we said Rogers is hopeful that others would come forward and be a candidate for the BPP. Nomination day is February 21.