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Bradley Family Launches Rosaline and Gabrielle Bradley Trust

More a dozen Belizean students, from the primary to tertiary levels, received assistance through a newly introduced scholarship program. The “Rosaline and Gabrielle Bradley Trust” was launched in part to improve the lives of Belizeans through education.  Trustee, Dr. Rosaline Bradley, says education has always been of utmost importance to her.

Rosaline Bradley, Trustee, Rosaline & Gabrielle Bradley Trust: “We are talking about education and one of the things I stressed, as a mom, education and when the report card comes, I was never satisfied. Do better! Do better! You could do better! Right? And so today I look around the room and I am really really happy. I could not have done it alone.”

Fifteen scholarships were distributed, which included school bags and stationery. The recipients of these scholarships are expected to maintain stellar academic performance and those at the secondary and tertiary levels are to complete a minimum of ten hours of community service. One of the partners of the trust, former Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, says the organization is keen on serving and empowering the community, especially the younger generation.

Darrell Bradley, Partner, Rosaline & Gabrielle Bradley Trust: “As an organisation we serve and empower and improve our community and those around us. So, I want to thank you for being here this evening. I want to thank you for participating in this launch. Julie-Ann and I are talking about the Trust as being an open canvas. This is something that could go anywhere and everywhere but we want to start with seeds of educational assistance that could really promote young people and really propel our country going forward. We will look forward to working with all of you as partners and as friends, as family so that we can have this idea grow into something that could really be transformational. So on behalf of Julie-Ann, myself, my mom, my dad, my family, we want to thank you all for coming here and sharing with this moment and we want to really congratulate those who are beneficiaries, initially, of the Trust.”