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Bradley: “Over the last six years we’ve done approximately 160 concrete roads”

The Belize City Council under the stewardship of Mayor Darrell Bradley is closing in on cementing almost two hundred city streets. We asked Mayor Bradley for an update and he said they recently signed a contract for more street works.

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City

“The good thing about this is that the City Council doesn’t have to pay for this, we are going to pay for this because its supplies credit, the supplier will actually do the street and we then we will pay them over three years and one of the things that I am especially mindful of is that as a municipality we don’t have the level of funding to do capital projects. I’m very pleased that over the last six years we’ve done approximately 160 concrete roads which is roughly one third of all the streets in Belize City and with these additional nine streets we are going to add to that so gradually as we move forward, as we are able to tap into creative sources of revenue like the municipal bond and like Supplier’s Credit and as we receive tremendous support from the Central Government in terms of their cash advances we could do more. We are also completing East and West Canal, we are doing a section of Euphrates, and we are doing Raccoon Street which is a significant outflow from the market area of Belize City to Central American Boulevard. We are doing additional streets in some neighborhood areas but I think the streets that we pick are significant because they are traffic centers but one of the things that we are doing right now we are satisfied that we have upgraded some of the major roads and now we are on secondary streets too so it really improves the outflow. One of the reasons why we did St. Joseph’s Street again is that we’ve actually noticed an ease of traffic flow along Freetown because now you have so many secondary roads being improved and this is one of the things with these ancillary contracts that these nine roads will create a new vibrancy in terms of economic activity and movement but it actually creates that ease of traffic throughout Belize City.”


Mayor Bradley said all the ongoing work is part of the city’s master plan which ultimately is about bringing about increased economic activity.

Darrell Bradley, Mayor of Belize City

“I have often times gone back to the master plan and then look at something like Central American Boulevard and when that road was upgraded. The master plan actually speaks about the expansion of the downtown corridor for Belize City from Albert and Regent Street to include East and West Collet Canal and to include Central American Boulevard and then Lake Independence Boulevard and Chetumal Street so that you have four major roads in Belize City and within the last week I drove on Central American Boulevard and that was like a downtown street. You see the amount of improvement in terms of the physical infrastructure, the civic center but you also see private sector spending and you are seeing the number of buildings being built up and that is what the master plan talks about. It’s not streets but the street actually creates a multiple so that you are seeing improvements in mobility and improvement in economic activity and you actually have to be creative because the City Council really doesn’t have a budget for this. We have this master plan which is this brilliant plan which is on paper but we are implementing it as we get more resources.”

As has been reported Mayor Darrell Bradley will not be seeking re-election.

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