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Bradley Says Reform Is Necessary But Must Be Strategic

Gaspar Vega has resigned from his ministerial seat after reports surfaced and confirmed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, that Vega’s son, Andre Vega was involved in a land scandal. Vega had acquired a parcel of land at two thousand five hundred dollars then later flipped for four hundred thousand dollars which the Government of Belize paid out.  The very outspoken, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley carefully commented on the matter and on corruption in general.


“I will say though that my comments in relation to anti corruption has been very clear. I would urge members of the public to be aware of the issues in relation to reform. I had the opportunity to read the UN Convention Against Corruption and it doesn’t deal with only the corruption of an elected official. The bulk of that convention speaks of procurement, it speaks of campaign finance reform, it speaks of controlling the actions of public officers so that there is a significant portion on that so that in terms of dealing with this issue in one off areas; we’ve had instances of corruption we in the public, the media, the private sector, elected officials even private citizens you need to deal with corruption in a comprehensive way and reform needs to be comprehensive. I don’t want to make a comment because I don’t know of the specific circumstances. You are giving me information in relation to the media story but I think that in all of that it should not be lost that we need to look at systematic ways to make our government perform more effectively and more efficiently and if we look at one instance and we say we want to deal with that one instance you’re going to miss the entire picture. Reform is something that has to be strategic and I maintain that issues of campaign reform, those are major issues, issues of procurement those are major issues, issues of how we go about dealing with the legislation that there has to be a public component so that you have consultations those are important issues rather than just highlighting one issue because it is likely that we will have instances of corruption many years into the future.  Government’s through the world even the great United States is faced with that. The way that would make us as a society different is that if we as citizens of this country are more mature and we deal with it in a very comprehensive way.”