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Bradley Sentenced to 15 Years for Killing Wife

Fifty-three year old Ermit Bradley, a father of four, charged with the murder of his wife, 54 year old Nirba Bradley, pled guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter when he appeared today before Justice Denis Hanomansingh. Bradley was sentenced to fifteen years. But ten years was subtracted from his sentence, two years because he pled guilty and expressed remorse and eight years for the time he has spent in prison. Therefore, he will only serve five years. His sentence is to take effect from April 21, 2016. Before he decided on the sentence, Justice Hanomansingh heard pleas for mitigation from Bradley, his attorney, Leo Bradley and two character witnesses. The Crown was represented by Crown Counsel Sabita Maharaj. The incident occurred on July 4, 2008 at Espat Poultry, located in Santa Elena, Cayo, where the deceased was working. Bradley went to her work place and asked her about her brother’s wedding which was to take place the following day. She told Bradley that she was not taking him to the wedding, she was taking her boss. Apparently that was what triggered Bradley and he took out a knife and slit her throat. When Bradley first went on trial in 2013 at Belmopan Supreme Court the jury was unable to reach a verdict and a retrial was ordered.