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Brain Based Visual Education – Use of Arts in Education and Business

The Palette House Institute is an organization that focuses on art and culture. The organization has been around for the last eight years. Love News spoke with founder Nehanda Hemker who spoke with us about the work of the organization and an upcoming event.


“We teach educators how to use art as a means to help young people take ownership of their own education and we also help artists and artisans to develop art as a business. The event we are having is a sort of like, we are going to be putting together a control group of young people that we’ve worked with in the past and present that we’ve used to implement brain based visual education into the schools and the event is basically just to bring together educators to help anyone who is in the education system or wants to become a part of the education system to learn new methodologies that focus on neurology and using that as a conduit for educating young people in art. Brain Based Visual Education focuses on how the brain works with the understanding that no one person is left brained or right brained, we all function at some level in the middle. Some people are more inclined to one side than the other but it really shows educators how you can use art to bring a healthy balance between the two sides. So we use art to help young people and educators teach with this system.”

The workshop will take place on July 27 and 28 at the Palette House Institute in San Ignacio. There is a registration fee of fifty dollars.