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Brawl at football match between university students ends with shots fired

There is a 37-second video circulating on social media that documents a fight that took place between students of Galen University and the University of Belize.  The incident happened on the field of the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan Monday night and saw the firing of a gun during the fight, used as a warning shot.  No one was injured in the incident and Police have not been forthcoming on the issue of the shots fired.  Love News received information that a meeting took place on Tuesday between the Provost of Galen, Eve Aird and the President of UB, Professor Clement Sankat, to discuss the incident.

Professor Clement Sankat President University of Belize: “The University of Belize as well as the Galen University; we regret sincerely what transpired at that football match. Both of our Universities don’t condone any kind of violence and to have witnessed what happened there through the little video clip that I saw was very regrettable. At the present time we are doing our own investigations trying to ascertain what truly happened there? What motivated this? Who were the proponents of the violence? One thing I can assure you of is that the person or persons firing the gun were not university students however that is also worrisome because from the video they looked like young people carrying guns into a stadium and that should not be condoned. In fact why would one want to take firearms into a stadium football match and from my own University of Belize students, a football match is not a war, it is a sport. Young people must learn to play the sport in an honorable way. Sportsmanship is important, not  violence and if there are any University of Belize students who are held accountable after the investigation and after a disciplinary hearing they will be treated accordingly.”

Coming out of that meeting is a joint press release that condemns the use of violence in any form, especially on the part of the students of Galen and UB.  The release notes that the matter is under investigation via a collaboration between the two institutions along with the ATLIB Sports Authorities and that the school will work with the students involved to ensure there is not an escalation of the situation.  The two schools have also concluded that the gunman is not a student of either university nor is he a member of staff.  Last night’s game was an ATLIB Football match and stood at 5-2, in favour of UB, when the fight broke out.  The Football Federation of Belize also issued a statement on the incident saying that the situation will be assessed and that any player belonging to the Federation who is at fault will be dealt with accordingly