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Breast milk is the best

Jayelle Williams was the first new baby to be born this year and only one of many babies that will be born to many mothers in Belize.  Research has shown that what transpires in a child’s early childhood has the possibility of influencing that child for the rest of his or her life. As a result, the Ministry of Health along with UNICEF is working to ensure that children receive a good start in life. Love News spoke with Neroli Williams, Unit Manager at the Neonatal Intensive Care, at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital who said that KHMH encourages exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.

Neroli Williams –  Unit Manager at the Neonatal Intensive Care: “Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is a mother baby friendly Hospital and we don’t encourage baby bottles in Hospital any at all.  We encourage breastfeeding from birth to six months. Whether it is C-section or normal delivery the baby is put to the breast on the delivery table at times in the recovery room. If there is any need for formula then the Doctor would need to order that. The mothers are not encouraged to bring bottle to the Hospital. If we need to give formula then we do that with a cup. It is very important especially the first few days which is colostrum which provides all the nutrients and the benefits the baby needs to prevent allergies in their later years.”

A child develops a bond with its mother in the first formative years of life and that bond is made even stronger through breastfeeding.