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Briceno Asks Munchi to Resign as Treasurer

Ramon ‘Munchi’ Cervantes Junior first came on the political scene in 2014 when he submitted his name in the race for standard bearer for the Orange Walk North division under the People’s United Party.  Since then he has garnered much attention and publicity in that capacity particularly since he was challenging the long-time Area Representative for the UDP, Gaspar Vega.  Tonight, however, it would seem that his political career may be short-lived as with less than two years in the blue and white camp, he is already being excluded.  In January this year, Cervantes gained the seat of Treasurer on the party’s national executive after no one contested him in that convention…. And now, it is being taken away.  The People’s United Party met in session this morning at ten o’clock and when the members emerged from Independence Hall just before one o’clock this afternoon, Cervantes spoke to the media.


“I was asked by the Party Leader to relinquish my post as treasurer so that he could give the post to Mr. Chris Coye. He said that Chris would be able to raise a lot of money that is one of the reasons that he gave. I told him that I was constitutionally appointed/ elected by the National Executive as treasurer and that before I make a decision I have to consult with my people, my executives and my family who were the principal financiers of my campaign.”

Cervantes was asked if he feels that such a move to have him removed is a result of him not supporting John Briceno in his leadership race.  Here is how he responded.


“I think you will have to ask the leader that; I don’t know.  I told you what reason he gave. I have no ill feelings, the convention is over and the honorable John Briceno is our leader and I am fully in support of his leadership and I am supporting him as the party leader going into the next general elections.”

With the request made to Cervantes, he says he will have to consult with his financiers, his family and supporters in order to make a decision.


“Well like I said I will consult with my people before I make that decision because I am the constitutionally elected treasurer by the National Convention. It’s a request by the party leader, I have to give it consideration and I will take it to my people and from there I will make my decision.”


“Is there a time frame for you to give that decision?”


“They didn’t give me a timeline.”

Cervantes says he doesn’t feel that such a request is constitutional but he will be doing consultations and deliver a response to the party.