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Briceno calls for Marin’s resignation

Last week, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, suggested that Belize would have a lot to gain economically if the government would export marijuana. Briceno’s suggestion received backlash from the Government of Belize as well as the church.  Thereafter, it was revealed that the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, had endorsed the idea of exporting marijuana via two letters dated in 2016 and 2017 to two separate business persons.  In the letter which recently came to light, Marin discussed the possibility of establishing a cannabis farm for growing cannabis for medical purposes with an investor. This afternoon Briceno called for the Minister of Health’s resignation since at the time of his proposal marijuana was not yet decriminalized.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “Three letters that have been so far have been floating over there for the Minister of Health, pretty much giving permission to grow Marijuana in Belize for something that is illegal. What he did is something illegal so if he has done this in his own then he has to resign from Cabinet because he has taken an illegal act but also connect the dots ladies and gentlemen, connect the dots. Here we have Mr. Zeff Ben Usef care of Robert Perryfiete giving permission to develop Marijuana Cannabis farm and they are talking that they are two hours flight from the major gateway ports to the United States of America something I never brought up but connect the dots, who is Robert Perryefeite? Robert Perrefeite the brother of Leila Perryfiete. Leila Perryfiete is the partner to the CEO in the Prime Minister’s Office so you are telling me the Prime Minister knew nothing about this? The CEO of the Prime Minister’s Office, also there have been, I think a lot of people have been mentioning that even the Prime Minister’s son has been looking into this, now he hasn’t spoken to me about this but he has brought people to Belize to look at the opportunity about growing Cannabis in Belize, it’s just the hypocrisy of the Prime Minister. In July he sat at a meeting, a CARICOM heads meeting where they presented a meeting that went on for four years, four years recommending the legalization of Marijuana in region.”

Briceno said that he is appalled that the government rejected his idea to export marijuana when all along his government was exploring that same idea.