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Briceno comments on Belize Infrastructure Limited

Two weeks ago Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted a press conference with the aim to explain the Faber’s Road Rehabilitation Project contract. During that press conference, the deplorable state of Lake Independence Boulevard was brought up. Engineer, Evondale Moody, blamed Belize Infrastructure Limited, BIL. Moody said that the failure was in the design. Today BIL fired out a statement, making a few clarification. BIL says that the design focus remained on the master planning elements of the project which included the need for fully enclosed box drains and cross culverts, 8 foot wide pedestrian sidewalks, 6-foot wide bicycle paths, delineated bus lane stops, and two fully flowing traffic lanes. Christy Mastry, the General Manager of BIL, defended her reputation as an open and transparent professional and reiterates that there has always been represented by the Ministry of Works on the Board. She says that at no time was there any competing or conflicting engineering designs to the Lake Independence Boulevard that the Board knew about or has knowledge of still today. The leader of the Opposition, John Briceno says that there is also accounting for the works BIL has done.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“The last time I checked I think Belize Infrastructure Limited probably has gotten maybe as much as $100 million dollars from taxpayers. Monies that, there is no accountability. We haven’t seen any audit as to how these monies are being spent, there have been questionable contracts, there have been numerous bad jobs, we know about the Corozal Road, we know about the Orange Walk Road, we know about the many roads or streets here in Belize City that is already breaking up, we know about the $3 million dollars that is gone on the Lake Independence Boulevard; we know about the roads in Belmopan that are already breaking up and washing away. We know the latest example, the entrance to Santa Elena in the Cayo district,  where I think it is no other than the Prime Minister’s brother that got a contract to pave a little under one mile of road for $7 million dollars. As it is it is bad enough that we know the rank corruption that is taking place under BIL.”

In related news, Briceno will not be contested at the PUP’s National Convention scheduled for next month. A statement from the party states quote, “After all the nominations were received, the Party is pleased to inform the general public that none of the positions will be contested at the upcoming National Convention. The Party, therefore, anticipates a Unity Convention with the full endorsement of a new National Executive led by Party Leader Hon. John Briceño.” End of quote. The convention is set for the end of November.