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Briceno comments on Integrity Commission

Last month, the Integrity Commission published the names of persons in public life who have yet to declare their financial affairs for 2016. The list included ten members of the National Assembly and twenty-two city and town council members.  The Commission, in following with the Prevention of Corruption Act, submitted a list of these persons to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. The list included members of both political parties. According to Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno the matter was discussed during the PUP’s national council meeting on Saturday.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“One it shows the incompetence, two the hypocrisy and three that all they are trying to do is deflect attention and trying to play politics. If they are serious, if the Integrity Commission is serious and the chair Ms.Williams then they need to make sure that all of us send in our reports as early at the very least 2012 and we are going to take the Integrity Commission to court that is one of the motions that we passed today that we are going to take the Integrity Commission to court because we believe that they and the chairlady do not have the legal authority to determine or to instruct members of Government both opposition and government to only send in one year’s return so we are going to challenge that in court.”