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Briceno Denies Barrow’s Accusation

And then there is the accusation made by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow in his press conference last week. That accusation is that the PUP has met with Lord Michael Ashcroft. Today Opposition Leader John Briceno said the Prime Minister is simply trying to distract the Belizean public.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“The Prime Minister is a spin master and the problem that is happening now is that he has been spinning so fast that he can’t even know how to stand up straight and to say the truth because as far s I know I am the leader of this party and nobody has asked me if they can meet with Lord Ashcroft I certainly have not met with Lord Ashcroft I was out of the country I came in on Tuesday but that is always the Prime Minister. You know from the day he was in government that the minute he has a problem in front of him he always throws something at you to run at that bone and forget what really is in front of you and what is important and the Prime Minister has been trying to use this as a distraction. I have asked all members of my party in the executive I can’t tell you I have asked the 60,000  or 70,000 plus supporters of the PUP but all the members of the senior leadership of the party and nobody has disclosed to me that they have met Mr.Ashcroft.”