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Briceno feels that the PUP is the change the nation needs

In his presentation, the PUP leader said that if given the opportunity to lead, it will not be business as usual.

John Briceno – PUP Leader

“The time has come for changing of the guard and as well the time has come for the changing of the red colors, we have to get rid of the red. The red embers from that boiling culture of corruption that is keeping us in this swirling nightmare will soon come to an end for a blue dawn is appearing on the horizon. You are seeing PUP flags all over the country, the PUP is coming like a tsunami and on the 7th of March, we are going to vote for the People’s United Party. As long as I am granted the privilege to lead this great party and country we will stand for our principles and there will be no place at the table for corruption criminal behavior or incompetence. My friends with change comes hope and it is that change and it is this new hope that resides in each every PUP so get up now, get out there and fight for Belize, it is our duty to fight for what is right to fight for injustice and for those among us who cannot fight.”

A number of resolutions were read, focusing on issues like corruption, crime, women involvement and the Belize Guatemala differendum.

The People’s United Party presented all its candidates that will be contesting the upcoming municipal elections.