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Briceno Garners Support for PUP Leadership

Tomorrow is the deadline for interested parties to submit their application for the leadership position for the People’s United Party.  It has been a quiet campaign by the interested parties over the last few weeks but on Friday we got some news to report when we were informed by the Deputy Party Leader, Julius Espat that Francis Fonseca was summoned and convinced by several party supporters and parliamentarians to try his hands at leadership once again which he accepted.  Things got quiet after that again and up to news time, we were unable to get in touch with Francis Fonseca as he once again did not respond to our text messages or calls.  We were told by a member of the PUP, however, that there were several meetings held over the weekend as Fonseca is rallying his troops and putting together a slate for the national convention.  As you may or may not, the seat of the Party Leader is not the only one up for the taking, even the Chairman’s seat and others will be up for elections come January 31, 2016.  And while Fonseca is not responding to our attempts to reach him, John Briceno has not shied away from our calls or text messages.  Briceno told us this evening that his application has been submitted and that he has been doing his rounds in getting the support.  As a matter of fact, the Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party issued a release today, stating, quote, “The Northern Caucus (NC) of the People’s United Party takes great pleasure in nominating the Honourable John Briceño for the post of Leader of the People’s United Party. The Executive and members of the Caucus are also pleased to give full support to the candidacy of the Honourable John Briceño.  We in the NC believe that the Honourable John Briceño best exemplifies those qualities needed to unite and inspire Party supporters; to once again bring victory to the People’s United Party and to lead a movement that desires to create a social, economic and environmentally just society, fit for every Belizean.  As a sixth time Area Representative and through his leadership in various government and party offices John Briceño has developed the experience and motivation needed to move the PUP forward.  We invite other caucuses and or constituencies to join us in supporting and endorsing the leadership of the Honourable John Briceño.”  End of quote.  In the past we have been criticized for prying too much into the PUP in our newscast but this is the main opposition party and their role to the country is a crucial one as they are the main players in holding the ruling Government accountable. The national convention for the Party Leader and majority of seats in the National Executive comes up on January 31, 2015.