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Briceno Meets with Executive Members in OW North

Last week we told you of the National Executive meeting held by the People’s United Party where the decision to remove Ramon Cervantes Jr was delivered.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the Chairman, Henry Usher confirmed that that was the decision taken and that Cervantes would be replaced by Christopher Coye.  Earlier this week, Love News learnt of a letter that was signed by several executive members of the Orange Walk North constituency, demanding that things be done constitutionally and respectfully whilst condemning what the letter states as being, quote, “unilateral and unconstitutional’.  End of quote.  Yesterday, however, sources in the PUP indicated to Love News that there is no friction brewing in the north and that Party Leader, John Briceno had met with these individuals over the weekend and that things are clearing up and the party continues to move forward.