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Briceno Prepares for 1st National Executive Meeting Under His Leadership

On Wednesday, February 24, the People’s United Party is having their first National Executive meeting under the John Briceno leadership.  It is a meeting that has a tall agenda ranging from the upcoming village council elections as well as other vacant posts that need to be filled.


“There are several issues that we have to deal with. The first thing is that we have to look at the composition of the National Executive. A number of positions were elected on the 31st of January but now we have other positions that we have to fill in such as the deputies for the national campaign, the deputies for the Communications Director’s committee and other functions that we have to do. We will be asking for the caucuses to elect their chairpersons if they want to keep the same one or they want to change that is something that the caucus will have to decide but more than anything else it’s important for us to be able to meet as an executive to start to roll out a plan of action. We believe that for us to be able to get to Belmopan we have to have an action plan. There are many things that are in front of us for instance the issue of village councils; how is it that we are going to address the village councils. We do accept that in the village council elections that are coming up I am told they are going to be in April or as late May, that we have to be looking at them very closely. I for one believe that we should try as much as possible to minimize the politics in small communities and where there are groups that want to come as independent groups personally I would encourage that but there are going to instances where we are going to put our slate but that is a decision that the National Executive will have to do so that is just one of the many issues that we will be discussing on Wednesday.”

This is Briceno’s second term as the leader of the People’s United Party and had recently won his second term during a Special National Convention on January 31, 2016.