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Briceno said that Belize is poorly served by the UDP administration

The Opposition leader in his keynote address to supporters said change must come since the country is not being served well by the Dean Barrow administration.

John Briceno – PUP Leader

“Today Belize is poorly served by this incompetent UDP administration, as a result of their mismanagement we have suffered, all of us have suffered. Thousands of Belizeans who want to work can’t find a job, our once growing economy has been brought to its knees under this inept Dean Barrow UDP government. In the north Fruita Bomba is gone because our Free Zone is dying with every passing day. In the south the citrus industry is struggling, the shrimp industry is fighting to stay afloat, bananas continue to be in trouble. The many new jobs that existed in aquaculture, mariculture, textile and exotic fruits a decade ago have all been lost because the UDP has no clue how to manage this economy. Any spirit of entrepreneurship that existed in 2008 has been shattered by Barrow Faber UDP administration. They have offered no incentives or training for small and new businesses while they squandered ten billion dollars in ten years. They misspent 500 million dollars of Petro Caribe funds which Dean Barrow and Patrick Faber call a bonanza. That dah where the hustling was at and while they wasted an additional 600 million dollars in oil revenues Belizeans are poorer today under the UDP.”