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Briceno Says All Is Well With The PUP Executive

While Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber has agreed with the remarks made by Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat surrounding the affairs of the PUP, the Party Leader John Briceno does not.  In a press brief called today at Independence Hall in Belize City, Briceno noted to the media that there have been significant advancements made under this new executive.


“First of all there is nothing in the PUP constitution that says that all parliamentarians must be around the table. Presently of the 12 parliamentarians 9 of them are sitting around the table but this is the beauty of the PUP we have people with strong personalities and strong ideas that feel very passionate about their position and he decided I may not agree with the way that he has gone around doing it but it is his right as a PUP to present and voice his concerns but what we need to look at is what we have accomplished under one year of my leadership or the leadership of the new executive. We continue to trust in within a year we had over 6000 people here in the streets. I know that Jules still needs to learn to count but we had over 6000 people on the streets of Belize City something that the PUP hasn’t done in about 20 years. It is about the work that we have done that Gaspar Vega is finished politically. John Saldivar is a lame duck, it is the work of the PUP that has caused that to happen. We have been attacking the UDP every step of the way. Every house meeting you go the PUP wins the debates we’ve been hammering them on the Belize Times we’ve been hammering them on Vibes, we’ve been hammering them taking out tv ads things that we have been doing in a long time and we have more press conferences and addressing the issues, attacking the government showing the hypocrisy of the government, showing where the corruption is taking place we are doing our job and we are on our March to Belmopan that whenever they call the elections I guarantee you the next government is going to be led by the People’s United Party and you can take that to the bank.”

When asked if there was any contention between Espat and Briceno, the Party Leader simply deferred that question to Espat.


“Is there any consideration or thought being given to what Mr.Espat said. Perhaps he is not off the mark perhaps he is but you won’t know that until a dialogue or something works out and communication is happening. Is this some sort of tension between you and Mr.Espat?”


“I think that is something that Mr.Espat would have to answer but as the leader I have to tell you that the constitution does not call for all representatives to be in the executive. I could remember Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde did not join the National Executive until around 2006 -2007 between 2012 and 2015 all the members of the national assembly from the PUP were on the national executive did we win the election? No so it’s no reflection as to you have to have this or that there are many factors and the most important factor is that we have said as a party and as the leader I have said that we are going to unite and we are going to march forward and those who don’t want to unite will have to lead and I’m not saying this about Julius Espat I’m just saying it about the entire party.”

Espat had made comments regarding the involvement of both political parties with Lord Michael Ashcroft as well as the non-elected members who sit on the National Executive.