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John Bricneo: “Belizeans should not be comforted by PM’s words”

Fuel prices are at an all-time high but not for long says the Prime Minister. Importation of petroleum products from PDVSA under the PetroCaribe program was temporarily suspended. This led the government to import fuel from El Salvador, leading to the increase of fuel prices. However, during a press conference last week Thursday the Prime Minister told the press that fuel prices are expected to decrease soon.  But Leader of the Opposition John Briceno says that Belizeans should not be comforted by the Prime Minister’s words.


John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“Do you feel comfort by the Prime Minister’s words? A man that constantly changes his mind? A man that you can’t keep him to his word? A man who promised this country that he was going to keep the fuel under $7 and if the fuel prices were to go up by one dollar he was going to reduce the tax? A man who right now the tax on premium is over $5 and you are comforted by his words? I don’t think so. The fact is that today the price of oil has been going down and there is no reason why it should be at this high price and he will tell you and he wants to blame PetroCaribe because they didn’t have the necessary supplies and they had to buy from somewhere else; well then if you do that then reduce the tax, he could easily take off $2 tax and keep the price under $10 that is the least he can do but yet he continues to tax us with the fuel, with the GST he’s putting on new taxes on products so we are feeling that pressure as Belizeans and his words give me no comfort.”