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Briceno Says Castro Fears Going to the US Embassy

The Leader of the People’s United Party also responded to the Prime Minister’s comment on Minister Edmond Castro. Castro’s US Visas, both diplomatic and tourist, were revoked by the US Government. The announcement came one day before whistle blower, Alvarine Burgess, appeared before the Senate Select Committee. This led to several rumors as to why the US Government revoked Castro’s Visa. In his statement to the media, Castro said that no reason was given to him. When asked about the matter, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, said he did not receive any complaints from the US Embassy about Castro and said he was perplexed about the matter.


“Well I can’t speak for the Prime Minister whether the US government contacted the Prime Minister or not but where I can challenge the Prime Minister is how can he say that he sees nothing wrong when a sitting Minister, one of his members of cabinet’s visas both diplomatic and tourist visas have been cancelled that says a lot. The US government is not going to take away the visa of a sitting Minister of any government in any country unless it is something serious. Now look at what both Mr.Castro and Prime Minister are saying; they are carefully trying to confuse the Belizean people by saying that the councilor division called Minister Castro on two occasions to come in so they can interview him. Now he is giving the impression that he is getting back his visa but what he is not saying is that he is afraid to go to the US embassy. Remember the US embassy is legal American soil and so that once he goes there they can arrest him and they could ask him a lot of questions, questions that Mr.Castro I believe does not want to answer. If Mr.Castro is not afraid Minister Castro needs to go to the US embassy and answer whatever questions they have for him and I suspect that the Prime Minister knows this and he is trying to do any and everything to protect his government.”