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Briceno says Government must seriously address the drug plane problem

Several suspected drug planes have landed in the Orange Walk District. For some time now, persons and the contents associated with these planes have eluded law enforcement. It was different this time around with the recent drug plane that landed in Blue Creek. Police were able to intercept the plane and to capture those involved and were surprised to find one of their own. As a result of initial investigations, Superintendent David Chi who is the officer in charge of the Orange Walk Police Formation has been placed on administrative leave.  The leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, told Love News that the problem with the drug plane needs serious attention from the government.

John Bricenio Leader of the Opposition: “It is a massive problem that we have in front of us and again the government has not been taking it head on. This hasn’t just been happening this weekend. This has been happening from last year: first they were landing in the south. There was probably getting kind of hot so now they came to the north and we have more than the same people that have been involved at the top look at the national government and the Police Department. They are the same people that have been there for sometime and nothing is happening. I have been reliably informed and there is this frustration from some people because we could track all these planes if we have the right equipment. There is a radar that they need the Police/BDF need to be able track these planes because when they come in they shut off their transponder so you can’t follow but with these radars even if they do that and you can still follow them.  Again I am told the the price tag for that radar is two million dollars and yes two million is a lot of money but if in a one billion dollar plus budget you must could find something two million to address this very important matter.”

Briceno added that failure to address the problem can create bigger problems for the country.