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Briceno says the increasing level of crime is a national crisis

On the verge of the Municipal Elections, the leader of the Opposition, John Briceno held a press conference where he spoke about the crime plaguing the country. To this end, he urged voters to let their votes show how dissatisfied they are with the situation.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition

“I urge you to participate in this democratic process by casting your vote. Take a close look at your cities and towns. Our peaceful way of life as a society is under constant attack. The violence and despicable attacks against our innocent children are symptomatic of moral decay occurring all across our nation. No amount of asphalt concrete or steal can fix what is going wrong in Belize today. This is a call to action, we as Belizean must act using the democratic process of the ballot to bring about meaningful change. Other serious crimes, robberies and home invasion continue at an alarming rate.”

Briceno went on to describe the crime situation as a national crisis.