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Briceno says: “When PUP comes into power, they will dissolve GSU”

When 17 year old Kelvin Usher went missing in Lucky Strike Village, many had blamed the GSU for having something to do with it. Demonstrations were staged in which Usher’s friends and family demanded answers. It was last week Thursday that Usher was found and returned to his family. While the GSU were absolved of any wrong doing, PUP Leader John Briceno still believes that the unit should not exist.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“You have to give it to the Prime Minister he could always come with these fancy, pretty words trying to deflect, playing defense and talking about repurposing. It’s not about repurposing, it’s about disbanding the GSU. The GSU is completely out of control and until we can disband the GSU and start to concentrate more on community policing we are not going to go ahead. So this repurposing I think it’s all BS and the Prime Minister trying to buy time because they know why they want to keep the GSU because the GSU responds to the political directorate and not to the police department so it’s in their interest to keep the GSU alive but I want to put it on record that when we get into government we are going to get rid of the GSU, we have no need that terrorize our people especially our young men and women in the urban areas like here in Belize City.”