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Briceno: “The Root Cause of Crime is Poverty”

The Belize Police Department will present its new strategy to address the crime situation in Southside Belize City tomorrow morning. Love News understands that the senior command of the Department met today to design this new anti-crime strategy after being directed to by their bosses. For the past few months, we have been reporting about the escalation of crime in Belize City. Earlier in the week the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, attributed the escalation to gangs feuding over drugs and territory. Today, PUP Leader John Briceno says the root cause of the problem is poverty.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “Yesterday we’ve had approximately 121 murders. If we have not reached a number of murders that we had last year we should be almost there but yet we have two more months to go for the year. As it is we have too many mothers, fathers and children, families crying because 97 out of 100 murders nobody is ever arrested and if they are arrested nobody is convicted and this is a direct correlation to the issue of poverty, too much poverty in this country, especially in Southside Belize. Too many people are living with frustration and unfortunately, too many of our young people feel that they have nothing to live for so they don’t think twice to get a gun and pull the trigger. They have no jobs, no housing, no education and obviously not getting any love from this UDP government. The point I’m bringing out is that this government has absolutely no answer to the crime wave that is going to this country and we’ve always said that a government must lead but they are not leading. I am told now that they are sending back Chester Williams into the southside, it’s not necessarily a bad thing he seemed to have had things under control but sending Chester Williams in itself may be a band-aid solution but it is not going to address the real issues that are affecting our people, the issue of poverty, the issue of housing, the issue of lack of education especially on the southside.”