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Briceno Wants Castro Fired From Cabinet

While Minister Edmund Castro has expressed no interest in learning why the US Government revoked his tourist and diplomatic visa, the Leader of the Opposition is very interested in knowing the reason. John Briceno told the media this afternoon that the Prime Minister needs to fire Minister Castro.


“I think it’s shameful and disgraceful that we now have a sitting Minister who the US government has decided to cancel his visa and we need to ask the question why? Why would the United States Government cancel a sitting minister’s visa, not only his tourist visa but even his diplomatic visa? That by itself the Prime Minister should take action and Minister Castro should be fired because obviously something is terribly wrong and we need to ask that we have been hearing that there are other ministers whose visas have been canceled and I would want to think that the Prime Minister as the leader of this country would know that hand he needs to take action. When it happened during our time Minister Samuels was not brought back to the cabinet so now the Prime Minister who was so boastful about him going to what the right thing; Prime Minister do the right thing, you need to fire Minister Castro.”