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Briceno weighs in on the U.S. Supreme Court rejecting Belize’s Petition

Two days ago, we told you that the U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition made by the Government of Belize on the ruling handed down by District of Columbia Circuit which enforced an $18.5 million London arbitral award against the Government. Government officials have said that the government will not pay the sum because the order is not enforceable in Belize. We got a reaction from Leader of Opposition, John Briceno.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“The Prime Minister loved to do these things then more of his people collect millions of dollars in legal fees. If you remember way back in 2009 when he took over BTL he got a company in the UK I think it was Mira Valuation Company to evaluate BTL and valued BTL to a little over a $100 million dollars and said ”well I am not paying more than that because this is the true value.’ and here we come in 2015 when he goes by himself with his law partner and signs an agreement with the owners of BTL. Low and behold we found out that that signature cost us $557 million dollars he comes around and says ‘well you know yes we are going to pay that but you know what of that $200 million is going to stay for Belize because that is what I negotiated so its a great day for Belize.’ Here we find out a few weeks ago that it is not so, all of that money we are getting- I can’t say on tv what we are getting but the point is that he was once again either duped, started out or something happened when he signed because it is a simple agreement, it is only a few pages he must could have taken some time, a half an hour to read and realize that that is a one-sided agreement but he signed it and now what is he telling you? “Mea Culpa I made a mistake” $200 million.”

The case revolves around a signed agreement made by then Prime Minister Said Musa with Belize Bank Limited for the payment of Universal Health Services’ debt.