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Briceno’s Campaign Revealed Issues Faced by Voters

Following the official swearing in ceremony this morning of the PUP’s National Executive and its Party Leader, Honorable John Briceno addressed the gathering at Independence Hall where he spoke of his campaign leading up to Sunday’s convention.


“I want to thank everybody that participated on Sunday’s convention. As the chairman rightly stated that it was a historic convention. No other organization in this country has the level and the depth of democracy as the People’s United Party displaced on Sunday. It was a good campaign and it allowed us the opportunity to reconnect with a lot of people across this country. Having meetings under a shed in a garage where they are fixing some vehicles or going deep in the Toledo district or in the Corozal district, travelling all over this country to meet people, talk to them, listen to them more than anything else so for us to be able to reconnect as we’ve always said,  we cannot solve your problems if we don’t know what you’re going through. What are your challenges, what are your aspirations and this campaign gave opportunity to all of us as leaders in the party even all my colleagues who were campaigning across the country, it gave us that opportunity to reconnect with all our supporters.”

Party Leader John Briceno also shared some of the situations that he found residents going through in the various areas he visited.


“How many of them were telling us that they have lost their land. They’ve lost their jobs. In some cases they have lost their home. There’s this person in Dangriga when we were there and listening to them, she got up and she said, I just come from Independence. I had to go to court. The bank took me to court because I cannot pay them and she said, it’s not because I don’t want to pay . I had a job but when the UDP took over the Dangriga Town Council she was fired and she has been unable to get a job to this day and that is the cry that our people are going through. That is the suffering that they are going through. How many of them are sick and cannot afford to pay to get the right medical attention and their lands have been illegally taken away from them. This is the cry. The lack of opportunities in this country, people are losing hope in this wonderful and blessed opportunity of ours and we are only going to have this opportunity once again in Belize when we have a government of the People’s United Party.”

The three candidates who were vying for the Party Leader position had campaigned on the platform of unity and today, Briceno told the media that the party is united and getting ready to win.


” Everywhere we went, in every village, in every community, town or city we hear the same cry. We need to unite and today I am promising the party members of this nation that the People’s United Party is united, it’s strong and its ready to take over the government in Belmopan. There is hope. Hope is coming and I am asking everyone to believe again. Believe in the PUP, believe in Belize. Once again I thank everybody, all the people that welcomed us in their homes, in their kitchens, in their back yards; all the meetings that we had. I want to thank all of you personally for welcoming us and listening to us.”

During today’s event, Briceno personally thanked Honorable Francis Fonseca for the works he had done and extended a hand to him for the works to continue.