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Brigadier General Jones to take up New Post in Washington

Love News has received credible information that Brigadier General David Jones will be appointed as Belize’s Military Attaché in Washington D.C. Jones who is currently on pre-retirement leave told Love News that it is a possibility but the Government has not finalized the decision. We asked Defence Minister John Saldivar to confirm our information and he responded via text quote, “No such appointment has been approved” End of quote. We got a similar response from his CEO, Felix Enriquez who said quote, “no such appointment has been made”, end of quote.  CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Patrick Andrews told the media quote, “we cannot comment at this stage and advise that personnel appointments at our Missions are coordinated with Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. End of quote. We note that none of these government officials have categorically denied the information.  Colonel Steven Andrew Ortega, who currently holds the post of Deputy Commander Belize Defence Force, will be taking over the BDF Command.