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British Citizens and Residents Asked to Engage in Condemning Guatemala’s Aggression

While a silence has set in here in Belize following the Sarstoon Incident in March 2016 where Belize’s military was aggressed by the Guatemalan Armed Forces, the efforts of Belizeans living abroad have taken a turn.  There is currently a petition on the www.petition.parliament.uk website, seeking the support and signatures of British citizens or UK Residents in the condemning of Guatemala for its, quote, ‘aggression and belligerence against Belize’.  End of quote.  The petition was launched yesterday by Paul Golder and will be up until October 5, 2016.  If the petition garners ten thousand signatures then the British Government will respond to the petition and should it reach one hundred thousand signatures then the matter will be taken to Parliament for debate.  The preface to the petition reads, quote, “Since 2007, Guatemala has repeatedly aggressed against Belize, refused to respect its borders and allowed it’s citizens to pillage and steal Belizean forest products, create Milpas in Belize National Parks including the growing of Marijuana. They have threatened the Belize Defence Forces and crossed into Belize waters a number of times to prevent the legal passage of both Belizean civilians and the BDF.”  End of quote.