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British National reported missing

British national sixty-three year old, Richard Foster has been reported missing.  A friend stopped by Foster’s house at 28 ½ miles on the George Price Highway and found the house opened and ransacked. According to the friend, Foster’s wife who is in the US, asked him to check on him after she was unable to get in touch with Foster.  He said when he checked, there were no signs of Foster.  His Toyota Hilux, and two firearms, a Smith and Wesson 9 millimeter and a Pump 12 Mossberg were missing. If you know the whereabouts of Richard Foster you are asked to contact: 911, 922, 207-2222, or the nearest police station. Richard Foster and his wife, Carol are very well known locally and internationally.  One tragic episode occurred in 2010 after a hurricane freed one of their animals, Max the jaguar from its enclosure. The jaguar killed an American neighbor and before Omar Figueroa became a minister, he was a jaguar researcher who led the team that found and euthanized Max. The Fosters have lived near the Belize Zoo for many years and had done many films for National Geographic TV and BBC films. If he is harmed by this incident, it will surely continue to expose Belize as an unsafe place for foreigners.