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Broad Daylight Murder in Punta Gorda Town

A father of three from Punta Gorda Town was shot yesterday at his workplace. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has that report.

A father of three from Punta Gorda Town was shot yesterday at his workplace. Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung has that report.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: A mid morning shooting incident yesterday in Punta Gorda left one person hospitalized. 31-year-old Charles Nunez reportedly was shot just outside Bethel Adventist Primary School compound in the Indianville Area of Punta Gorda. His mother-in-law Norberta Pou who had spoken to Charles in the area of the school shortly before the shooting incident spoke to Love News.

Norberta Pou, Mother-in-law:I went near the school around ten o’clock. So I reached Charles near the junction there and he told me ‘morning’ so I told him ‘morning’. He asked me if I was going to school and I told him I was going to school.  He told me okay so I went. When I got near the school I gave the teachers my children’s paperwork, when I saw the teachers came running behind me and she said gunshot so they said for us to go inside and all of us were running inside of the school. So when I heard the gunshot about four times they shot behind the man but I didn’t know it was him they shot. It is when they opened the school doors I came outside and I saw Charles sitting down by the school and he was already shot. He is a helpful man, he’s trying to help the schools to clean the yard. He minds his children, he minds his wife and I can’t say anything bad about him because he’s on his own, he has his own house and I have my own house.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Nunez reportedly was cutting grass in the school yard when he was called out on the street side where a male person fired gunshots from a 9mm pistol which snapped after several rounds just giving Charles the moment to escape further bullet wounds as he took cover in the school yard. Nunez received gunshot wounds to his right shoulder and area of abdomen. He was taken to Punta Gorda Hospital but later transported by ambulance to Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga and onto the KHMH in Belize City for further treatment. Charles resides at Cerro Road location with his wife and three children who attend Adventist Primary School in town. In connection with the incident police are seeking the whereabouts of one person as investigation continues into this latest shooting incident in Punta Gorda.