Broad Daylight Shooting Claims Life of 24-Year-Old in Belize City

Broad Daylight Shooting Claims Life of 24-Year-Old in Belize City

A man was murdered this morning in a broad daylight shooting in Belize City. Just after nine o’clock, 24-year-old Jordan “Burns” Waight was targeted as he walked on Holy Emmanuel Street toward Chetumal Boulevard. According to police, Waight was shot once in the head by a lone gunman and rushed to the hospital, where he died on arrival. A motive behind the callous murder is yet to be ascertained, but our newsroom understands that the shooting may have been gang-related. Love News spoke to Waight’s brother, Shawn, who says that his older brother was no saint, but he was not a gang member.

Uncle: “When I got the news this morning I was sleeping and it’s kind of rough. Although me and him didn’t used to have that kind of relationship like that right ? But every time he saw me “What’s going on?” “Straight”. For his birthday that went December 12th right here I went to holler at him and we sat down a little vibe and thing. The last time I got to see him was in September for Orange Walk Carnival. When I saw him it was “What’s going on nephew?” and he was like “What’s going Uncs, gimme a million dollars.” and I told him “Let’s go for it.” and we laughed and we communicated through Facebook Messenger. When I got that news this morning I was — you know ? Which, my brother always talked to him you know ? Tried helping him in any kind of way to help him to try to do his best for him and everything but everybody choose their own life you know ? When you come of age your belief is that nobody can talk to you and do what you want to do. I used to live that lifestyle and everything too but at the end of the day I have parents and I have kids so it didn’t make sense because right now the way how the world is going today two things are on the street for you, you know ? It’s either jail or graveyard and I don’t want my mom crying over me because I died. My little nephew I really loved the man, we talked and reasoned and we’d meet up. It’s rough but it is what it is you know ? People today you can’t trust them you know ? Because things that I am hearing and the speculation going around right now of what happened to the man it’s like it’s hard to believe but at the end of the day you never know. You never know. But like I said he chose that life. I talked to him, my brother talked to him. My brother wanted the best for him because me and my brother hold a close relationship almost every day he’d call me or I call him. It might be a week that we don’t talk but after that we still talk and communicate and he’d always tell me “Jordan this.” and “Jordan that.” and I’d tell him “Brother that’s your son. No matter what anybody tells you that’s your son.” Never give up on your child because that is your child at the end of the day but if he chose that life there it’s just that you know ? He is a person that every time I see him he doesn’t talk a lot, he just smiles, he’s just calm and cool you dig ? The way how I used to see it he doesn’t bother anybody if you don’t bother him he just lived a normal simple lifestyle like to say alright then. The last time me and my brother talked my brother told me he got a job or something like that or was trying to help him get a job and was trying to help him find his papers to get him out of the country even though he wanted to go through the back my brother told him he doesn’t have to do that. My brother used to tell me he just wants to get him over there to have a better life, start fresh and just become somebody in life that nobody has to look down on.”

Waight was no stranger to the law. In 2019, he was charged with the 2018 murder of thirty-four-year-old Carlton Moreira. And, after spending five years in jail, Burns was cleared of the charges in March. The prosecution stated they could not proceed with the case because two eyewitnesses were unable to be located. Following his release, Burns escaped an attempt on his life in July on Ordonez Street when a lone gunman ambushed him. He was shot in the foot and refused to cooperate with the police.

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