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Broaster said both UDP & PUP illegal gatherings were asked to move

The Police Department Officials have stated that the PUP assembling at the Toll Bridge in Tower Hill was illegal. The PUP did not have a permit for that. But they were not the only group to have assembled illegally on that day. Earlier on Wednesday morning, a small group of UDP supporters gathered on Clarke Street in front of Gaspar Vega’s house and as confirmed by the police, they did so without a permit. However, that group was not removed nor was there any attempt to use any kind of force to remove them from the area. ACP Edward Broaster told the media today that they were asked to move, but we were present when he addressed that crowd and have that interaction on film.

ACP Edward Broaster

“When we asked them to move they moved”

ACP Edward Broaster

“Please noh move from yah.”****


“No we are not going to move. We are going to stay this side. We are not moving.”

ACP Edward Broaster

“Officer we are staying. We will anchor ourselves right here.”

ACP Edward Broaster

“Don’t make our jobs harder.”

Reporter: Isn’t it unlawful to protest without a permit?

ACP Edward Broaster

“Yes it is.”

Reporter: And no actions will be taken against that group who you asked to move and they didn’t move.

ACP Edward Broaster

“We are reviewing the actions of both sides and what we are going to be doing.”