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Broaster Speaks of His Involvement with William Mason

Today ACP Broaster held a press conference to deny the allegations made by Mason.


“The reporter of this story wants to associate me with Danny Mason. This is the closest I’ve ever been to Danny Mason, today. Danny Mason and I had no informal nor formal communication. I have no messenger as it pertains to any donation what have you. Like I said I think it was a week ago when I briefed the media. Three weeks prior to the death of the pastor I received a message through Mr.Chan from Danny Mason wanting to meet and I refused to meet with him and I never met with him and I have never solicited any donations whatsoever from Mr.Mason through any individual. The first time I got to know of Mr.Mason was when one of my great friends Richard Evans who is living in Los Angeles brought Danny Mason to my attention, this was in 2014 when he met Mason at Bakers Ranch where Mason according to Mr.Evans was selling him some real dreams and pie in the sky.”

Broaster admitted to having withheld information he had unearthed about William Mason pertaining to the scams he were allegedly involved in. Broaster said he did not pass on specific information to ASP Chan.


“At that time when Mr.Chan told me that Mr.Mason wanted to do some donations of Motorcycles and so forth I just told Mr.Chan that I am not interested and I am not interested in meeting Mr.Mason. I received the report regarding Danny Mason and the information I received from my friend from Los Angeles Richard Evans I sent a team of police officers to Bakers Ranch to investigate the matter and dealt with Mr.Mason. Specific information was not passed to Mr.Chan. At that time I did not see it fit to had told Mr.Chan the entire story that I had back then.”