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Broaster Wants Additional Training for Police Officers


Broaster says that he will be speaking with the Commissioner of Police to have his officers undergo training whereby they will be equipped to deal with persons involved in accidents on the road.


“Given the nature of the numerous accidents that have been occurring on the George Price Highway and the Phillip Goldson Highway we have put a proposal together where we will be submitting to the Commissioner of Police for the Minister of National Security and Minister of Health to consider where we train police officers to be paramedics and serve as dual functions and we have an ambulance based out of Sandhill and another based out of Mahogany Heights so that we can have much quicker and faster response by the medical team to render aid and services in the effort of protecting life. As well we are looking at setting up speed traps in various parts of the George Price Highway as well as the Phillip Goldson Highway.”

There were no fatalities reported in these two cases.