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Brother of Home-Owner Lives to Tell His Ordeal of Home Invasion

Today, at around 1pm, a home was invaded on Marage Road in Ladyille Village, Belize District. The invasion was done by four masked men who entered into the residence equipped with cutting tools which they used to enter the premises through the back fence. 47-year-old, Nick Hendy, was visiting his sister and found work chopping fire wood when the horrid ordeal unfolded, finding himself at the end of a gun barrel.


“I came over to visit my sister this morning and at the same time she gave me some work to do and she left and went to work while my nephew was still around. After he left, it was about ten to fifteen minutes that he left the yard, a lone gunman with a mask over his face pulled up on me while I was working and when I looked up, there was a gun in my face and he grabbed me in my shirt and told me to get down and comply. He asked me where the people from the yard were and I told him they that left me to do some work. He told me to get down and that he had to tie me down and two guys came from the back fence and another one was coming.  So, it was four of them in camouflage and masks with a lot of tools and guns on their shoulder; so, I decided to comply with what they said. So they went around the back of the house and I could hear them dealing with the back door trying to enter while I tried to comply and stay down. After five minutes of silence I was down there, I was down on the ground for about 10-15 minutes because I remember I had my lighter in my back pocket and I tried to burn the rope that they had my feet and my hands tied behind my back with. After failing that, I decided to do some rolls until I reached near the building where I saw a machete and I started to get my feet untied but I couldn’t free my hand so I ran out to the neighbor.”

After his escape to the neighbors Hendy, fearful of the armed men, was quick to alert law enforcers who responded quickly to the call. Hendy says the men came armed and fully equipped with cutting tools.


“Well the guy that put a gun in my face, it was a short hand gun looking like a .25 handgun and the other one outside the door looked like they had some pump action guns and some tools that looked like to cut steel over their shoulder; but they stood and tied my hands and mouth and I couldn’t see anything more.”

Shortly after Hendy’s escape home owner, Margaret Hendy, was notified and made her way home to find her house already burglarized. She says it was a waste of time and her family’s safety is now her biggest concern.


“I think it was a waste of invasion because I don’t have anything in this house for people to steal. They might see cars and motorcycles in the yard but I don’t have anything in the house for them to go with especially finance; maybe a couple TVs but there is nothing in there for them to steal and what are we going to do now? We can’t leave our home, we can’t go to work even if you have a watchman, they tied him up too; so, how are we going to carry on our lives, we are not safe. It’s not like they, I would say went through the door easily because according to my brother they came equipped to cut the chain link to the back and cut the burglar bar to get in. This is the second time that such a thing has happened to my home.”

The only item found missing from the home is an I-pad valued at $700.