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Brothers Die In Well in Northern Belize

A pair of brothers died in a well about forty feet deep on Good Friday. They are twenty six year old Jeovany Coyock and forty one year old Isidro Coyock, both from Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District. According to police, at around 11:30 on Friday morning, Jeovany Coyock was cleaning the well which contained about four feet of water when he started to suffocate. Isidro Coyock noticed his brother’s panic and decided to help him out of the well. Unfortunately, he too started to suffocate. With little air, the brothers were trapped inside the well with no one to their rescue. We understand that an employee of BSI found the men barely breathing and hanging to the rope. Fire fighters were called to pull the men out of the well but by the time they were taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, they were pronounced dead on arrival at around 1:50 in the afternoon. The two brothers were laid to rest on Easter Sunday.